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I am an associate professor at Tulane University in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. I teach and advise at all levels - undergraduates to post-docs. I also do regular preK-12 outreach. I love doing research and wish I was better at time management. Most of my days are spent catching up and answering emails.


I have a young son and daughter, one mutt dog, and one very old shih-tzu. I grew-up in Buffalo, NY and have enjoyed living in many different parts of the U.S. When I was younger I was very sporty - I even ran marathons and taught aerobics during graduate school. Now the most exercise I get are walks with my very sniffy dogs, but I hope to get back to it once my kids get a bit older. I am also a strong believer in peaceful protest and hope to find time for more of that soon too.

My Twitter: @NMGasparini

Other fun news - In 2020 I became a fellow of the Geological Society of America! Huge thanks to Kelin Whipple (nominator), Jane Willenbring, and Frank Pazzaglia for putting together my package.




Tulane University

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

2015 - present : Associate Professor

2008 - 2015 : Assistant Professor


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

PhD, Environmental Engineering

Arizona State University

School of Earth and Space Exploration

2006 - 2007 : Post-doc

AAAS Congressional Fellow

Office Congressman Edward J. Markey

2005 - 2006 

Yale University

Department of Geology and Geophysics

2003 - 2005 : Post-doctoral Fellow


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SM, Environmental Engineering


University of Buffalo

BS Applied Mathematics

BA Geography

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