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Fall 2021 GIGLE Team

(Gasparini's Inclusive Geomorphology & Landscape Evolution Team)


Claire Hudson 

Undergraduate Student

Claire has supported research efforts in the Guadalupe Mountains and Puerto Rico. She started working in our lab in the first semester of her freshman year, and is currently working on a few things, including an honor's thesis on the impact of different cropping pattern on nitrogen effluent.

Shaina Brown

Undergraduate Student

Shaina is working to understand historic flow patterns in the Mississippi River. Shaina started this research and then got hooked and decided to do a senior thesis! Shaina and Sergio collobarote.


Sam Anderson 

Graduate Student

Sam is working on his PhD studying how rock properties can impact landscape evolution. His primary field area is the Guadalupe Mountains of New Mexico and Texas. Sam is also a Landlabber! (And a chess player - he is on the right in this picture.)

LRoberge photo.jpg

Laurent Roberge

Graduate Student

Laurent is working on his PhD thesis. He is studying source-to-sink sediment dynamics. His field area is a number of watersheds in northeastern Sicily. He is also a Landlabber! (and skier)


Sergio Villamarin Gomez

Graduate Student

Sergio is building Python tools to test for stationarity in rivers, along with some fun Landlab projects. Sergio is a convert from math - welcome to earth science sergio!


Wally Darling

Graduate Student

Wally is working in the local National Park - Jean Lafitte. He is analyzing an array of well data to help the park better understand the flow of water in an area with trails and how this area may change over time with climate change and subsidence.

Colorado Trip 102.JPG

GIGLE Team Alumni

Dong-Eun (Daniel) Kim, Post-doc, 2020

Nathan Lyons, Post-doc, 2016 - 2019

Margaux Mouchene, Post-doc, 2017


Sabrina Martinez, MS, 2019

Jordan Marie Adams, PhD, 2017

Qi Li, PhD, 2016 (Kyle Straub was Qi's primary advisor) 

Carl Swanson, MS, 2016

Jianwei Han, PhD, 2014

Heather Hoey, MS, 2012

Glenn Fischer, MS, 2012


Emanuele Giachetta, International Visiting Scholar, 2011


Olivia Boraiko, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2021

Meagan Knowlton, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2013

J. Andy Menking, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2009

B. Tierney Walsh, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2009

Carey Schafer, Undergraduate Capstone Project

Arye Janoff, Undergraduate Capstone Project

Kristina Leggas, Und. research

Samantha Hilburn, Und. research

Joseph Firkaly-Paciera, Und. research

Carrie Leibensperger, Und. research

Julia Mudd, Und. research

Sara Nethercutt, Und. research

Lindsay Roth, Und. research

Ethan Ader, Und. research

Philip Dunek, Und. research

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